Stephen Shawcross has been trading in antiques, collectibles silver and gold items as well as new and used furniture since 1870.
We have many years experience in valuations and house clearances.

Valuations for probate
We work closely with many local solicitors to provide probate valuations in a caring and considerate manner at a time that is often very dificult for people to cope with. Probate valuations are prepaired in written documentation with full listings of valuable items as well as acumulative value on general household items. The value we give to these items is for sale at general auction or online and reflects current prices as we see them at the time. These values are generally lower as they represent a quick sale price and not a replacement price that is required for insurance valuations.

Valuations for Insurance
Generally high value items and collections need to be itemised on your household insurance or have their own specific insurance. Each insurer has their own limits on single items on the amount they will cover for replacement. An insurance valuation will provide prrof of ownership and cost of replacing the items and your insurer will require this documentation for any claims made above the standard contents.
We provide full itemised reports with photographs of valuable items & antiques as well as collections. Values are presented as we see them at the time and are given with a margin for difference. It is adviseable to renew your valuation documentation at least every 5 years or when you feel the market has changed or the value has increased.

House Clearances
We can provide a full house clearance service and purchase full contents or part contents depending on the situation. We work in a considerate and courtious manner and are always up front with our prices providing a written offer for the goods when required.